link / alamat e-book

saat googling, saya dapatkan alamat link e-book yang ditulis sdr. lawiz :[/code]

Computer Books

Xpressionsz – The eBooks Heaven – a good variety of subjects can be found in the archive.

Many categorized books and magazines(note .. the recommended download links don’t work but the others ones do)

Click Now – Note the top right of the page has a small drop down box to select books a to z

15 pages of eBooks

RapidShare Links – eBooks and Magazines

BluePortal free membership is necessary to view the download links (highly recommended)

A superb eBook search engine – membership required but its absolutely free – highly recommended

Free membership required download links to over 10,000 eBooks

An Arabic site with a great collection of ebooks and magazines

Chipollo Info

Updatesofts eBook BBS stacks of goodies to be foundSciencemadness Discussion Board – forum thread full of science booksMore forum posts full of eBooks – there may be more if you look aroundeBooks and eBooks and eBooks and eBooks and eBooks300 e-Books: the best of Adobe Press, AMACOM, APress etc

You can find more ebooks to download on the Deep Butter main page

and what appears to be a mirror site.

Searchable database of files stored on

Searchable database of files stored on

AvaxHome –

Computer Books[/code]/

Hooke Science Magazines

Electronics related eBooks

Eastgame eBook FTP has all the latest 0day releases, its archive is immense

Computer related books & Tutorials/[/code]

Free eBooks – excellent variety


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